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Season 11 Team Placements


Platinum wins D2 Summit!!!!

Alvin Davis Jr, Tumble Doctor

Alvin will be back! June 24th and July 22nd $55 per Athlete

 Click the link below to find out more about Alvin Davis Jr. Tumble Doctor

Why An Athlete Is Not Defined By Their Level

About All That All Stars

Who are We?? We are All That!!!

This season we have 10 Full Year  Teams, 2 Half Year Teams -1 Worlds Bid, 5 Summit Bids-1 Paid!!!



Tumble Class Descriptions

Just Tumble-this class is great for the beginner your child will learn proper tecnique

Back Handspring-you must have front and back walkover to participate in this class

Tuck-you must have Clean standing and Clean running Back Handspring to participate in this class

Layout-you must have a Clean Back Tuck to participate in this class
Full-you must have a layout and have approval from Instructor to participate in this class


The Summit -By The Numbers

Cheer Chaos Click this link to read more about the Road To The Summit