Due to the predicted storm for Tuesday March 13th All That will be closed.

All That Family Grows

We are so proud of all of our accomplishments over the past 11 Seasons, and are so excited for our very bright future!

***Familiar Faces-Both Staff & Athletes

***Expanded Resources!

***More Opportunities for Growth!

The All That Family will be joining the East Celebrity Elite Family at their Tewksbury Location for the 2018-2019 Season


Save the Date!!!!

Annual Banquet May 21st-details coming soon

Tryouts May 23rd


Another great weekend for All That!

1st place, Grand Champs and Best Pyramid for Shining Stars

1st place Cosmic

3rd place Sapphires


Beast of the East Comp, Atlantic City

Diamonds 1st place, back to back wins!!!

Platinum 2nd place

Cosmic 2nd place

A great weekend for All That Sensations!!!!

Amazing start to the All That Season

5 Teams Compete

4  First Place finishes

1 Paid Bid to US Finals

1 Bid to the D2 Summit

Senior 3 is going to D2 Summit

Youth 1 Paid Bid to US Finals

We have tumble classes for all levels! You do not need to be a cheerleader

For a list of classes click on the classes/events tab.

We have classes for everyone, all levels ages 18months to 8 Years

About All That All Stars

Who are We?? We are All That!!!

This season we have 10 Full Year  Teams, 2 Half Year Teams -1 Worlds Bid, 5 Summit Bids-1 Paid!!!



Why An Athlete Is Not Defined By Their Level

Platinum wins D2 Summit!!!!

The Summit -By The Numbers

Cheer Chaos Click this link to read more about the Road To The Summit